The Values Deck

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Our values are what make us tick. They are the reason we keep fighting even when we don’t know what we're fighting for.

The Values Deck ($38)

We have taken the latest on values and compiled it into a card deck for you to use. If you are a therapist, this values deck will be a perfect addition to your practice so you can continue doing the amazing values-based work that you already do. If you are someone working to support your mental health, this values deck can help you identify your core values, you can use it to pull a "value for the day", or use it as a foundation for a journal prompt - the options are endless! The Values Deck, a deck of 84 values cards, comes with guided directions for our suggestions on how to make the most use of this tool, but don't let that limit you. We are excited to be alongside you on your journey, however you may use this deck to support your emotional health. 

The Values Deck Therapist Expansion Pack ($12)

This pack offers a set of 24 blank cards for your client to write their top 5 values after they have completed the values card sort in session. Our hope is for your client to be able to keep a tangible reminder of their values work, without disrupting your deck of cards.

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