Founding Story

At the Recovery Box, our mission is simple: We want to connect. Connection is what gives life its heart and soul - like those moments when you share a laugh with a friend or lend a listening ear to someone who needs it. It's about understanding and being understood, a dance or empathy and vulnerability. But how can we be truly understood by others without first understanding our own feelings? This is why The Recovery Box creates products for emotional exploration. We create simple tools that make complicated ideas easy to understand

Meet the founders

Rae Thomas, MA, LPC

Chief Clinical Officer

Brogan Rossi, MS, RYT

Chief Collaboration Officer

Erin Benner

Chief Creative Officer

Chief Clinical Officer
Rae Thomas, MA, LPC

Rae began her journey in the Eating Disorder world when she joined an Eating Disorder awareness group at her alma mater, the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She continued to be heavily involved in eating disorder awareness and prevention while she completed her undergraduate degree in psychology. Rae went on to study counseling psychology and earned her Masters in 2018. During her time in graduate school, Rae served as the Graduate Assistant for PREVENT, a sexual assault and relationship violence prevention program on campus. Through this role and her involvement in the students’ Women’s Center, Rae’s passion for providing tools and resources to help others heal continued to grow.

Shortly after returning to Colorado, Rae joined forces with Erin Benner and Brogan Rossi to build The Recovery Box. The Recovery Box bridges a gap in the mental health field by designing innovative tools that support recovery by adding tangibility to abstract clinical ideas. Rae serves as Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, where she takes her love of academic research and clinical expertise to inform the creation of each tool. Rae also acts as the Social Media Coordinator in which she facilitates authentic and recovery-focused content creation for The Recovery Box online community.

Outside of The Recovery Box, Rae is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado specializing in Eating Disorders, Weight Stigma, and Sexual Trauma. She utilizes Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Feminist Theory, and experiential techniques to help her clients heal their relationships with food, body, and themselves. Rae’s unique use of sarcasm, honesty, and bold creativity provides an individualized experience that encourages personal growth. Rae has an intense passion for learning and innovation. She is grateful she gets to do both each day in her work.

Chief Collaboration Officer
Brogan Rossi, MS, RYT

​​Brogan studied Biology and Psychology at the University of New Mexico and then received her Masters Degree in Healthcare Leadership and Administration at the University of Denver. She has used her degree in Healthcare Administration while working at both Children's Hospital and the VA hospital. Both lacked the innovation and creativity she was yearning for which is how she landed in her role as Co-Owner and Chief Collaboration Officer with The Recovery Box team.

Now, Brogan works to understand wellness in our bodies and minds to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life, however that might look for you! Her mom has worked in the eating disorder field for 35 years, so her passion was born at a young age. She spent three years studying the neurological underpinnings of eating disorders and now focuses her efforts on outreach, advocacy, partnerships, and yoga. It is this blend of neuroscience and yoga that inspired her fascination in how we can better connect our mind and body in a positive way. Outside of The Recovery Box world, Brogan has two little kids that you will often see running around in the background of any and all zoom calls. The Recovery Box is now a family that she is incredibly proud to be a part of!

Chief Creative Officer
Erin Benner

Erin studied Psychology and Entrepreneurship at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. During her undergraduate years, she became heavily involved with eating disorder outreach and found a passion for connecting people to resources and one another. Putting her entrepreneurship studies to work, she helped build a company called The Recovery Box. Founded in 2017, The Recovery Box bridges a gap in the mental health field by designing innovative tools that support recovery by adding tangibility to abstract clinical ideas. Erin holds the role of Chief Creative Officer, where she is able to leverage her creative eye to support product design by bringing ideas into the physical space, as well as supporting The Recovery Box from a business lens by ensuring the start-up has a strong foundation from which to grow. 

Outside of The Recovery Box, Erin’s professional experience began in Denver, Colorado where she worked as a Regional Outreach Representative for a Partial Hospitalization Program that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. Through this role, Erin developed core beliefs that meaningful outreach is built on trust, curiosity, and genuine connection. She brings this ethos to her work in Los Angeles where she now works as the Referral Relations Manager for Ellenhorn, the nation’s largest Community Integration Program. 

Erin looks forward to continued work with Ellenhorn and The Recovery Box because these unique avenues of care showcase the importance that integrating mental health support into day-to-day life can have on recovery.

advisory board

Clinical Advisor
Dr. Tamara Pryor, PhD, FAED, Senior Fellow and Director of Clinical Research, EDCare

Dr. Tamara Pryor has been privileged to work in the field of eating disorders for over 40 years. She spent 16 years as an Associate Professor and Director of the Eating Disorder Program at the University of Kansas - School of Medicine, four years as Co-director of the PATH Eating Disorders Clinic, and three years at Wichita Psychiatric Consultants as the Director of eating disorder services before coming to Eating Disorder Care of Denver. Dr. Pryor conducts research and has published articles examining personality disorders, substance use disorders, multi-impulsive behavior, sexual functioning, and most recently fMRI studies examining brain activity in the eating disordered individual. She has presented both nationally and internationally, and she recently co-authored 4 chapters on Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse. Dr. Pryor is a member of the Eating Disorder Research Society, a Fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders and served on the Board of Directors of the National Eating Disorders Association. She has a MSW from Wayne State University, a MA in Rehabilitation Counseling, as well as a Masters and PhD in Psychology from Southern Illinois University. She completed a one year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in child psychiatry and a second Post-Doctoral fellowship in eating disorders at the University of Kansas - School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine.

Strategic Marketing Advisor
Kim Travis, Chief Operating Officer, EDCare 

Kim Travis, is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of healthcare and behavioral health experience in marketing, business development and operations. Kim is the Chief Operating Officer at EDCare, where she has been for over six years. In her time there, she has been instrumental in building brand awareness and EDCare’s presence in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. 

Before EDCare, Kim spent several years implementing, growing, and managing marketing programs in healthcare businesses specific to infusion therapy, dialysis treatment, and radiology. She enjoys collaborating and building rapport with staff, patients, and other key stakeholders to resolve issues successfully and ensure the delivery of services focused on quality and excellence. In addition to her extensive marketing knowledge, she is well-versed in public relations, referral development, social media/digital marketing, strategic development, and business efficiencies and operations– in complex and diverse organizations.

Kim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University and, as a Colorado native, enjoys the outdoors and visiting the beautiful Rocky Mountains in her free time.

Social Emotional Learning Advisor
Bethany Friedlander, President & CEO, NewBridge Cleveland

Bethany Friedlander became President and CEO in July of 2017. She had served as Acting Executive Director for four months, after more than two years serving as Chief Operating Officer. She brings extensive experience in both the private and the public sector to the position and has a demonstrated record of exceeding revenue goals, driving expansion, and developing and managing high performing teams.

Prior to joining NewBridge Bethany served as Chief Operating Officer of VIP Restoration where she was responsible for the development and implementation of yearly goals and budgets, the professional development of staff, and the creation of systems, policies and practices that were implemented across divisions for revenue and profit growth.Prior to VIP Restoration, Bethany worked in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood, both as COO of Graystone Properties, and as Director of Real Estate for St. Clair Superior Development Corporation. In both positions Bethany created and fostered public-private partnerships, worked with both City and County agencies to obtain funding, and worked closely with neighborhood stakeholders to build consensus.

Bethany also has experience with grant writing, and program development including in the Workforce Development area. She has experience with curriculum development, program recruitment, and program evaluation and reporting. With a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from Case Western Reserve University and a secondary teaching certificate in history from Cleveland State University Bethany is committed to art education and understands how it relates to and enhances the learning in other areas. With Master’s work in educational statistics she understands how program measurement and evaluation is critical to an organization’s mission and success.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification 2016

Board Member LifeAct 2015

Executive Committee 2016 & Chairman of Strategic Planning Committee 2016

Treatment Partnerships Advisor
Shannon Braasch, MA, Director of Business Development & Alumni Services, Reasons 

Shannon Braasch engages with professionals nationwide to connect them with resources and treatment options for their clients and leads the development and coordination efforts for Reasons’ Alumni Program. She brings 17 years of combined experience in healthcare and eating disorders and has a Master’s degree in counseling. Shannon has coordinated Alumni Service programs for treatment centers and has built a professional network of colleagues across the country. She feels that her values align with Reasons person-centered approach, which are a guide as she is actively living her passion to build authentic and meaningful relationships, provide education, and develop resources to support lasting recovery. Some of Shannon’s favorite ways to practice self-care include spending time with friends and family, singing karaoke, floating on the lake in a kayak, and volunteering.

Organizational Advisor
Shelly Simpson, LCSW Clinical Director Ellenhorn

Shelly is the Clinical Director of Ellenhorn LA program and the AMBIT

Coordinator at Ellenhorn. She has a passion for helping people integrate back into the community and build a life worth living. She previously worked at The Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas as a Program Manager for the Pathfinder Community Integration Program. She received her Master of Social Work Degree at The University of Houston, while receiving psychotherapy training at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston. Following graduation, Shelly pursued additional training working as a Post-Graduate Fellow at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.

Shelly has a concentrated focus in addressing the issues of attachment disorders, problematic substance use, trauma, and interpersonal relationship struggles.

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