The Student Wheel

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Feelings do not discriminate by age - everyone is susceptible to feeling the feels! Since they are here to stay, why not start emotional exploration early with The Recovery Box's Student Wheel? 

This wheel is designed for kids (ages 7+) who are just beginning to tap into emotional labeling. This tool offers them a more expansive vocabulary for the feelings that they are certainly experiencing. The Student Wheel provides a visual for feeling intensity so they can more precisely identify and communicate how they are feeling. 

Whether you use this tool during high intensity moments with your kiddo, purchase it for use in the classroom, or integrate it into play therapy, The Student Wheel will be a game changer for communicating feelings.

Does this look too simple? Check out the original Feelings Wheel, designed for those with a foundational knowledge of emotions looking to deeper their understanding.

How to use this tool

  • Ask your child/student/client to identify the teardrop with the heading the most relate to them (i.e. "Angry" or "Happy").
  • Ask them to read through the feelings listed in the word bank - notice how the feelings move from lower to higher intensity as the color becomes darker.
  • After reading through the list, ask them what fits best for them.
  • If they are struggling to label their emotion, you can model the process by labeling your emotion first.