The Body Sensations Wheel

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Our bodies can feel emotions before we even recognize we’re feeling something, how amazing is that?!

The Body Sensations Wheel was designed to help you connect your physical sensations with the underlying emotions you might be feeling. Its design mirrors its sister tool, The Feelings Wheel, by offering a linear path that can help you narrow down broad concepts.The Body Sensations Wheel is perfect to use in therapy or to keep on you when you need a quick check-in with yourself! Printed on a heavy-duty laminate, so it lasts even while your emotions wax and wane.

How to use your Body Sensation Wheel

  1. Identify an area of your body that is experiencing a physical sensation, then locate that body part on one of The Body Sensations Wheel's six petals (i.e. "whole body")
  2. Use the first tier of words on the wheel to locate the specific sensation you're experiencing (i.e. "strong")
  3. Explore which emotions it may be connected to in the second tier (i.e. "empowered"). Remember that everyone experiences emotions differently so feel free to utilize the wheel as a starting point and diverge from the wheel if needed
  4. Take note of patterns or if any coping skills are needed.

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